More Teen Drivers May Pose Risk For Motorcyclists

Our economy has been rebounding in many areas lately. In particular, more teenagers are finding employment. Teen employment rates are translating to more teen drivers out on the roadways. While this is great for many teens and the economy of the United States, the increase in inexperienced drivers can pose a risk for motorcyclists. AContinue Reading

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

The minutes and days following a motorcycle accident can be crucial both for your health and your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. Unless  you have been involved in an accident before, you likely have no idea what you should do after an accident. Read on to learn more about what you can doContinue Reading

Commuting to Work on Your Motorcycle in San Diego

San Diego is known for many things including the beautiful weather and beaches. However, those of us that live and work in San Diego know that the traffic can be a headache. Therefore, many commuters have decided to cut their commuting times by riding a motorcycle to work. In addition to using less gas thanContinue Reading

May Accidents in San Diego

May 11– A big rig truck struck a bicyclist in Chula Vista on Wednesday morning. The accident happened on the onramp to the southbound side of Interstate 805 a little after 8 a.m. Details were not released regarding how the truck and the bicyclist collided or the extent of the bicyclist’s injuries. In addition, it isContinue Reading

New iBook Hopes to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Just in time for Motorcycle Awareness Month, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, or MSF, has released a new iBook titled “Intersection:Sharing the Road.” The organization hopes to promote safety awareness by describing safety habits that all motorists on the road should perform including motorcyclists both current and potential. The iBook can be purchased in over 30Continue Reading

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In most parts of the country, May is the beginning of warm and pleasant weather. In San Diego, we are lucky to have nice weather all year round. However, because of the change in seasons and the increase in the number of motorcyclists on the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, has declaredContinue Reading

What is a Recorded Statement?

After a motorcycle accident your insurance company may contact you and ask you to provide them with a recorded statement. A recorded statement can be an audio, video or written statement regarding the sequence of events of the motorcycle accident. A recorded statement is permanent and cannot be rescinded. This is why you need toContinue Reading

Watch Tires and Cover Brakes to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

When riding a motorcycle there are many things to consider including how to avoid a motorcycle accident. As a rider becomes more experienced on a motorcycle, she will begin to learn a few tips to prevent a motorcycle accident. Many of these tips can help save you from experiencing a serious injury or even deathContinue Reading

Does my Motorcycle Lawyer Need my Consent to Settle my Case?

After you are injured in a motorcycle accident it will likely be in your best interest to hire an experienced San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you negotiate successfully with the other party in the accident and the insurance agency. In addition, a motorcycle lawyer can ensure that you are not takenContinue Reading

April Accidents in San Diego

April 11– Interstate 5 was closed just north of San Diego County when a high speed chase was underway on Monday morning. The chase began at the U.S.-Mexico border and continued north on Interstate 5. The chase started when a car refused to stop and led authorities through the county reaching speeds of over 100 milesContinue Reading

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