California is a Top State for Motorcycle Accident Deaths

Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous hobby. For example, California is one of the top states in the nation for motorcycle deaths. Part of this statistic may be explained by our year-round great weather. In contrast, in a colder climate, there are typically not as many motorcyclists. However, the number of motorcycle deaths are a good reminder for all riders to take a minute and refresh their memories regarding how to prevent a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

A motorcycle is a unique vehicle. Motorcyclists are vulnerable and can be seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident. The statistics involving motorcycle accidents are startling. Motorcyclists account for less than 5% of the miles driven on the road but they are almost 10 times more likely to be injured in a motorcycle accident than another other type of motor vehicle. In addition, over 75% of motorcycle accidents occur when the motorcyclist is struck in the front portion of the bike. Very few rear-end motorcycle accident collisions occur each year.

Preventing a Motorcycle Accident

There are too many factors to make it  impossible to prevent a motorcycle accident, however, there are several things that you can do to ensure you are engaging in safe behavior. First, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not check your phone or do anything that takes your eyes and mind away from the road. In addition, pay close attention to changes in traffic. Making yourself visible to other vehicles on the road may also prevent a motorcycle accident as many drivers report not being able to see a motorcyclist prior to the accident.

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by Natalie Prescott

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