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Motorcycle Injuries Following a Truck Accident

Large trucks are a common sight on both freeways and streets in San Diego. While truck drivers are required to understand how to operate such a heavy vehicle safely, accidents do still occur. Along the 15 and 805 freeway, truck accidents are quite common. Because of the size of the truck, a truck injury canContinue Reading

Harley-Davidson and the Potential Brake Failure Issue

Harley-Davidson is a symbol of motorcycle quality and excellence. However, recently several individuals have complained of defective brakes on their motorcycles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has decided to launch an investigation based upon these complaints. The NHTSA states that over 40 complaints have been filed with the agency regarding brake issuesContinue Reading

Motorcycle Financing: Riders Should Know Their Rights to Avoid Falling Victim to Predatory Lending Practices

Averaging over 260 days of sunshine in a year, San Diego is one of the best places in America to ride. For most, buying a motorcycle will mean some type of motorcycle financing, which most dealership offer to potential buyers. And while a motorcycle financing offer may seem like a dream come true, there areContinue Reading

Local Accident Highlights the Importance of Motorcycle Safety

A local accident serves as a sad reminder regarding the importance of motorcycle safety. Several people were killed last weekend in San Diego after being thrown from their motorcycle. While the pair were both wearing helmets, the accident was so serious  that they perished. Read on to find out more about the accident and whatContinue Reading

A Sudden Stop Can Have Devastating Consequences

A motorcycle accident can happen anytime in San Diego, causing severe and lasting injuries to the victim. In addition, the victim’s family may be financially and emotionally devastated by the accident. There are many ways that a motorcyclist can be involved in an accident. For example, a motorcyclist can be seriously injured if the motorcycleContinue Reading

Riding Your Motorcycle in Extreme Heat

We are in the midst of a heatwave this weekend. While for many that means heading to the beach or staying inside in the air conditioning, many motorcyclists will still jump on their bikes and go for a ride. However, it can create a tremendous amount of stress on your body to ride in theContinue Reading

California is a Top State for Motorcycle Accident Deaths

Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous hobby. For example, California is one of the top states in the nation for motorcycle deaths. Part of this statistic may be explained by our year-round great weather. In contrast, in a colder climate, there are typically not as many motorcyclists. However, the number of motorcycle deaths areContinue Reading

More Teen Drivers May Pose Risk For Motorcyclists

Our economy has been rebounding in many areas lately. In particular, more teenagers are finding employment. Teen employment rates are translating to more teen drivers out on the roadways. While this is great for many teens and the economy of the United States, the increase in inexperienced drivers can pose a risk for motorcyclists. AContinue Reading

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

The minutes and days following a motorcycle accident can be crucial both for your health and your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. Unless  you have been involved in an accident before, you likely have no idea what you should do after an accident. Read on to learn more about what you can doContinue Reading

Commuting to Work on Your Motorcycle in San Diego

San Diego is known for many things including the beautiful weather and beaches. However, those of us that live and work in San Diego know that the traffic can be a headache. Therefore, many commuters have decided to cut their commuting times by riding a motorcycle to work. In addition to using less gas thanContinue Reading

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