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Bouncy Castle Use Leads to Death in England

Bounce houses are a common accompaniment  to many toddler and preschool aged children’s events. During the weekend, parks are full of the brightly colored objects. These bouncy houses are inflatable and act like a giant trampoline allowing the kids to jump around within an enclosed space. While they may be common, they still do haveContinue Reading

Top Things to Know About Motorcycle Rental Insurance

Renting a motorcycle for a day or a week on a vacation or to enjoy in your own hometown from a motorcycle can be a wonderful experience for you and your family. However, many motorcycle rental companies require the renter to purchase rental insurance in case the motorcycle is damaged or you are involved inContinue Reading

New Research Reveals What Distracts us While Driving

Distracted driving is now the number one cause of vehicle accidents. While we all know that driving while talking on a phone is dangerous, researchers set out to learn more about what distracts us while we are driving. The findings may not be surprising, but they shed some additional light on behavior that we mayContinue Reading

Are Hoverboards Safe?

Straight from a scene right out of Back to the Future, hoverboards may be one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year. Similar to a scooter, a hoverboard can be used in many of the same ways. But before you head out to purchase one for a loved one or friend, learn more aboutContinue Reading

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Suffering an injury while at work can happen suddenly and, in some cases, be very serious. Each state, including California, has a workers’ compensation program that provides compensation for an employee injured on the job. By law, each employer must purchase workers’ compensation insurance from one of the providers approved by the state of California,Continue Reading

Diagnostic Medical Errors Take Many Lives Each Year

Many of us trust doctors and other medical professionals with the lives of ourselves and our loved ones, yet medical errors are more common than many of us may realize.  While some errors may be unpreventable, a new report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Sciences, University of Engineering and MedicineContinue Reading

New Report Encourages Children to Wear Helmets on Tricycles

Riding a tricycle is one of the first activities that a toddler learns to do on his or her own. While you may not imagine that riding a tricycle could cause an injury to occur, a new study reveals that over 9,000 children visited the emergency room in 2012 and 2013 after injuring themselves whileContinue Reading

Tips for Staying Safe and Cool During a Heat Wave

August and September are always hot months in San Diego, and this year is no different. We are currently in a heat wave that is sending temperatures into the mid to high 90’s with high humidity as well making it a hot and difficult time for many. Senior citizens, the disabled and young children haveContinue Reading

How to Prepare For an Especially Rainy Winter in San Diego

In San Diego, we typically receive about 10 inches per year of rain. However, this year most of the meteorologists are in agreement that we are going to experience an El Nino weather pattern, that most likely will cause San Diego to receive far more rainfall than average. With the rainy season set to beginContinue Reading

Bicycle Accidents Are Becoming More Common

Riding a bicycle is great exercise and for many, can replace the need to own and maintain a vehicle. Here in San Diego, riding a bicycle to work or the store is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round. While the number of bicyclists has increased over the last decade, so too haveContinue Reading

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