Diagnosing a Traumatic Brain Injury

If you are involved in a car accident or other severe fall or accident that caused you to injure your head, you may be unsure of the extent of your injuries. Whether you suffer from a mild or severe traumatic brain injury, seeking medical attention as soon as possible is very important. The earlier you start treatment for your injuries the quicker you can begin to recover. However, you can have questions about how the doctor will determine if you have experienced a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Generally, the doctor will start by asking you questions about what symptoms you are experiencing and then tests may be ordered to help make a diagnosis.

Learn More About Your Symptoms14823916_s

The first thing the doctor will likely do is ask you questions about how you sustained the injury and what symptoms you are currently experiencing. For example, common symptoms of a TBI include loss of consciousness ranging from a few minutes to hours, vomiting, headache and loss of coordination. In addition, it is not uncommon to feel confused after the accident or exhibit unusual behavior like aggression and anger that are outside of your normal emotions. These are symptoms that appear immediately after the injury, not days or weeks later. For more information about a minor traumatic brain injury, or MTBI, read our post “What is a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.”

Order Further Testing

In most cases following the initial exam, the doctor will recommend that tests be run to confirm or deny a diagnosis of TBI. The doctor can choose to perform neuroimaging scans such as a CT Scan or MRI during the early stage of the injury. In addition, tests that ask the individual to perform a series of cognitive tests can be helpful in evaluating the severity of the injury and whether symptoms are improving. Also, your doctor may choose to refer you to a doctor who specializes in TBI, especially if your symptoms do not improve within 5 days after the accident.

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