Riding Your Motorcycle in Extreme Heat

We are in the midst of a heatwave this weekend. While for many that means heading to the beach or staying inside in the air conditioning, many motorcyclists will still jump on their bikes and go for a ride. However, it can create a tremendous amount of stress on your body to ride in the heat. We provide several tips for riding a motorcycle in extreme heat.

Wear Cool Clothing

First, be aware of what clothing you are wearing when you are out on your bike. Wear lightweight and light colored clothing on hot days. In addition, covering your arms can help to keep you hydrated. It may seem like you should do the opposite, but try to cover up your body with lightweight clothing on a hot day. In addition, covering up your arms will prevent a possible sunburn. Many bikers also wear a cooling vest on warm days. A cooling vest that is filled with beads that hold water. You can dunk the vest and then put it on under your clothes. Cooling vests are not too expensive and may be worth a purchase if you ride in warm weather often.

Pack a Ton of Water

Staying hydrated is what will keep you from becoming a victim of heat stroke. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is a must if you are riding in extreme heat. Fill several water bottles, maybe even freezing a few before you head out for the day. Refill them as necessary when you stop.

Plan Frequent Stops

Make sure to check your map and plan stops along the route that will provide air conditioning and a place to cool down. Sometimes this means riding on major freeways instead of back country roads to provide more opportunities to stop in a cool environment. Many motorcyclists put their helmet and bandanas in convenience store freezers while they stop for lunch. This can help keep you cool

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by Natalie Prescott

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