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Dog bit a San Diego manDog bites and canine attacks are a widespread problem in California.  San Diego has been the site of many dog attacks, including fatalities. Children, older people, and postal workers are at a greater risk of being attacked and developing scars or serious complications. Very often, the injuries include heavy bleeding, scarring, lacerations, disfigurement,  permanent skin marks, facial marks, organ damage, nerve damage, various life-threatening infections, broken limbs, and even deathIf you need a dog bite injury lawyer in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, or Imperial Counties or elsewhere in Northern California or Southern California, we are here to help.  We offer free consultations.  We are well-versed in these issues and can help you bring all liable parties to justice.  

Dog Bite Lawyers:  Frequently Asked Questions

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Dog Owners’ Negligence Can Lead to Serious Injuries:

shutterstock_87968317These types of injuries can be very traumatic, both physically and psychologically. In cases involving children, the extent of the damage to their health is often far more serious than with adults. This is because kids are more vulnerable, more prone to attacks, and are less likely to defend themselves. Recovery is also more difficult, and consequences of dog attacks are often very traumatic for children and adolescents. Likewise, postal workers and the elderly are similarly vulnerable. The unfortunate reality is that anyone can be a victim of canine aggression and, regardless of their strength and physical build, can suffer serious injuries as a result. What is even worse – many dog owners, landlords, and building owners do not take their responsibilities seriously. This, in turn, leads to more tragedies because dogs who would otherwise be leashed, caged, or muzzled end up escaping, roaming public streets, and endangering the public.

Why It Is important to Hire a Lawyer Right Away:

Victims of dog-bite injuries often hesitate to seek legal action because they mistakenly assume that nothing can be done, or because they hope that their injuries will heal quickly. What they must realize, however, is that negligent dog owners are liable, regardless of the seriousness of the injuries, size of the dog, lack of prior history of attacks, etc. In fact, California has some of the strictest laws, which place significant responsibility on pet owners. Moreover, in many cases, homeowner’s insurance covers the dog owner’s negligence and can be used to compensate the victim of the dog bite, even if the attack did not occur inside the owner’s house. In short, those attacked by dogs should not give up their rights to seek recovery merely because they are hesitate to go to court.

Dangerous dog attacked San Diego womanWhen you are attacked by a dog, you may not appreciate the extent of your injuries right away. As the time goes by, you may discover that you need expensive medical treatments, pricey medications, plastic surgery, or therapy. Yet, the best time to accurately document your injuries is shortly after the attack. Moreover, waiting for months or years to contact a lawyer not only delays your ability to recover compensation, but it also may result in your claim being untimely. Because the statute of limitations applies to claims against pet owners, and because insurance companies that may provide coverage for dog-bite injuries often have strict notice requirements, it is extremely important to contact an attorney soon after your injury. This is true even if you ultimately decide not to pursue litigation.  It is better to act quickly and document your injuries properly, than miss an opportunity obtain recovery.

How We Can Help:

If you or your child has been injured by a dog in someone’s home, in the park, at school, in someone’s care, or in a public area, the dog owner and their insurance company may be required to compensate you for these injuries. Our award-winning personal injury lawyers can help you make the right decisions regarding reporting and prosecuting the dog owners and getting your family the help and compensation you deserve.  Let us help you navigate through this difficult time by making the process as easy and painless for you as possible.

We represent victims of dog bites and offer free consultations.  Moreover, our contingency clients do not pay any attorney’s fees unless we win their case. We are caring, compassionate, and understanding. We will act quickly to protect your rights.  Because statutes of limitations periods limit when you can bring a lawsuit or otherwise assert your claims, if you believe that you may have a claim against a dog owner for negligence, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case: (619) 781-1360.

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